the story

What's cookin'?

Here's a short introduction to JigglyCake. You can find the overview down below or hit us up on Telegram for all of your questions. We're so happy to have you. Happy scrolling!

created with love


Supply & Hold

Total JigglyCake Supply:

1 Quintillion $JIGG

 Max Hold:

 3 Quadrillion $jIGG

Buy Taxes

 4% Marketing Tax

 3% Liquidity Tax

 2% Buyback & Burn

 1% Team Jiggly

Sell Taxes

 4% Marketing Tax

 3% Liquidity Tax

 2% Buyback & Burn

 1% team Jiggly

The cake is not a lie

Reward system

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JigglyCake's Journey

JigglyCake was born

As all great stories begin: 'it all started as a meme.' But the meme turned into a business. A business we're planning to expand to every corner of the digital world.

April 1 2022

We have a website

We're happy with this place to share JigglyCake's progress and entertainment with you. For realtime answers you can always hop in our Telegram channel. 

April 10 2022

JigglyCake is live

We're happy to announce JigglyCake has found its first investors. Find JigglyCake on the poocoin exchange or use any of the buy-buttons on this website. 

May 1 2022

Welcome, Team Asia!

We have combined our strength with a small team to work on the promotion of JigglyCake in Japan and China.

May 9 2022

Meet Us



Our savvy programmer Tim is responsible for everything that's too complicated for the rest of us. 😉


Marketing & Design

Roman is a bomb of creativity, making sure our product reaches all of you as appealing as possible.


Lead Design

Esther is our master of quality-control. She's very nit-picky, and we respect it. 



Erik does the boring but has-to-be-done stuff. He's also a digital illiterate, which is why we have Tim.

We're happy to have you